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Replacement dwelling at Kerrowdhoon Cottage, The Dhoon, Maughold.

This site is located on the seaward side of the Dhoon Loop Road in the Parish of Maughold and is afforded beautiful sea views down the Dhoon valley. The original two storey Manx cottage had been badly extended with several flat roof outlets and was considered to be of “poor form”. Additionally, the orientation of the existing cottage did not lend itself to take full advantage of the sea views down the Dhoon Glen valley.

A modern replacement dwelling was proposed and approved. Due to the sloping site levels the dwelling was designed with split level accommodation with a part basement providing a Cinema area. A guest Bedroom suite was located at the rear entrance level with an external balcony providing sea views.

The lower ground floor level provided the open plan living accommodation with large areas of glass providing sea views to all rooms. A large two storey front gable window provided both natural light and sea views to the mezzanine upper landing level which also provided access to two further large Bedrooms with large Ensuite Bathrooms and Dressing Rooms located on the upper rear split level.

The replacement dwelling was constructed with wide cavity block walls with 150mm thick partial fill cavity insulation. Both the floor and roof structures were also highly insulated and the dwelling was made air tight and fitted with an internal ventilation system.

Indicated are the approved Ground Floor Plan and Elevations, together with a series of “as built” photographs.


Completed Summer 2011.